Series 3 Anvil Adapter

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The TA-3-APF is the platform for our Series 3 Versa Tripods and Anvil-30 ARC ball head, works well with the following models: TVC-33 Mk2, TVC-34 Mk2 and TVC-34L Mk2. The TA-3-APF, will come with four screws to secure the Anvil-30 Ball head before installation


Country of Origin: USA

  • Weight: 3.22oz/ 91.3g
  • Height : 1.04"/ 26.4mm
  • Width: 3.19"/ 81mm

2 Reviews

  • Series 3 Anvil Adapter for non-RRS tripod

    Posted by Bill on 18th Mar 2023

    Just a quick heads up to those of you intending to use this with a non-RRS tripod. The Series 3 Anvil Adapter's 70mm diameter portion is much shorter than on my off-brand tripod, and the retaining groove is thus much closer to the flange. My tripod will clamp the adapter on its diameter, but the safety retaining feature (a pin on the tripod which snaps into the groove, allowing the adapter to rotate in the tripod head but not be removed without an additional action, in my case a button press) will not engage the slot on the Series 3 Adapter. I'm a little nervous about placing expensive optics and rifles on this with such a short engagement in the tripod head, but without the security of the safety groove. Here's a link to a photo of the two adapters side-by-side:!ArG6IeS5SBIujvoVSL1sxahfYCgB_w?e=Q3kqGN

  • Series 3 anvil

    Posted by Tom Ross on 6th Feb 2023

    Works great

Series 3 Anvil Adapter

Series 3 Anvil Adapter