Universal SOAR Rail

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USR-180 & M-LOK HW Kit
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USR - Universal SOAR Rail

6 Reviews

  • URS 240mm

    Posted by Serg on 27th Mar 2023

    First, the machining of this arca rail is top quality. I’ve used other rails and they do not have the polish nor ergonomics that RRS gear has. Anyone who uses their tripods or rail attachment devices understand — you just want to touch these items because they feel so natural in-hand. I used the m-lok universal attachment and the precise fitment of the knurled slider along with the totally modular nature of the m-lok hardware allowed me butt the rail directly against a forward 3” picatinney rail section seamlessly. Really Right Stuff simply outclasses most manufacturers when it comes to simplicity of design and final product finish, and this rail section should be considered the modern arca standard at any length.

  • Nice!

    Posted by BRETT H. on 15th Mar 2023

    Well engineered very positive lock up when used with my anvil 30 tripod. By far the easiest to manipulate on the market.

  • Best fitment system

    Posted by Arron on 10th Jan 2023

    I’ve used a couple of different ARCA fitment systems - MDT, Area 419 ARCA Lock - without a doubt the RRS system is the best. I’m not a fan of thumb wheels, they tend to come loose with repeated recoil. No chance of that with the RRS clamp on this rail. Very easy to adjust quickly up and down the rail with a little practice. Every company who builds a chassis should have a chassis with this system milled intro the bottom of it. Kudos to XLR and MDT for doing it for a couple of their chassis.

  • EASY

    Posted by Brian on 27th Dec 2022

    To many thousands of rounds in the normal positions. the SOAR system holds the rifle steady so I just need ti squeeze the trigger

  • The best rail system

    Posted by SANG KYU LEE on 19th Dec 2022

    Super smooth and fast locking rail system ever.

Universal SOAR Rail

Universal SOAR Rail

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Choose Options





Rapidly secure no matter what your throw at it. With R-Lock™ divots drilled on each side of the rail, you can set it up ambidextrously to adapt to any situation


Four mounting options to choose from to secure it to your rifle. Endless flexability to attach clamps and more to your rail; like attatching a bipod while still set on your tripod



  • R-Lock™ (short for Rapid-Lock) System adds unique safety-stop features which are built in to both a mounting rail and quick-release clamp that adhere to the RRS 1.5” Standard. The advantage of the System is the user has multiple “hard-stop” positions along the rail while retaining smooth edges and corners for maximum ergonomics and a snag-free interface that is inherently resistant to wearing down. The ”hard-stop” feature is comprised of a 5mm diameter steel pin that engages 5.5mm diameter holes in the rail. In addition to supplementing the traditional friction-based clamping mechanism, the interface prevents unintentional repositioning of the rail within the clamp when the R-LOCK™ is engaged.
  • Ambidextrous Mounting: 2 sets of R-Lock™ divots (one on each side of the rail) allow you to set up the rail in the configuration most comfortable for you.


180mm Rail:

180.0mm x 38.1mm x 8.0mm

7.09in x 1.50in x 0.32in

Weight (without hardware): 3.1oz (88g)

240mm Rail:

240.0mm x 38.1mm x 8.0mm

9.45in x 1.50in x 0.32in

Weight (without hardware): 4.1oz (116g)

340mm Rail:

340.0mm x 38.1mm x 8.0mm

13.39in x 1.50in x 0.32in

Weight (without hardware): 5.8oz (164g)

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