In 1990, Really Right Stuff (RRS) was created by Bryan Geyer as a personal mission to create a better quick-release camera plate. Since its founding, RRS has only changed ownership once when Joe and Joan Johnson bought the company in 2002. Since then, the RRS product lines have significantly expanded from a handful of custom camera body plates to an extensive line of support products. What began as a personal challenge to create the world's best quick-release plate for cameras grew into a mission to deliver superior support systems for many industries from the ground up.


RRS continues to grow as a worldwide leader in photography products - which resulted in multiple business relocations. RRS was based in California for almost three decades when Joe and Joan decided to build a brand-new headquarters and move the company to Lehi, Utah.

Before construction was finished in 2018, RRS moved its employees and production into the new, yet unfinished building. For months, six departments shared the same room with all desks, chairs, and computers inches from each other. In November 2018, construction was finished and we celebrated our Grand Opening. The new facility is 2.7x larger in size, machining capability, and possible workforce.


RRS created the Sport Optic and Rifle (SOAR) Division in 2015 to support customers in the shooting industry who desire soul-satisfying products and reliability no matter the situation or use. Throughout the ranks, RRS employs professionals and serious amateurs working in their respectiv fields across photography, cinematography, and SOAR. Engineers work hand-in-hand with the project managers to better understand what changes or new products are needed in each market, keeping RRS in touch with the needs of its consumers.

In 2019 alone, passionate hobbyists within RRS ranks went to more than 25 trade shows, demos, and competitions to work with our customers nationwide.


All Really Right Stuff brand products are guaranteed to the original purchaser to be free of defects in material or workmanship for five (5) years from the date of purchase. Products will be repaired or replaced at our option




Prior to RRS, camera plates with dovetail rails were by and large extruded from dies, cut to various lengths, then either slotted and/ or tapped. The process was inherently imprecise compared to CNC machining operations. More companies started making plates using the same process by getting their dovetail specs "close enough" to work with any screw-knob style clamp already on the market. This is probably why screw-knob clamps seemed to be the only option for years and why most companies still push them today.

RRS plates are CNC machined, and have been from the very beginning. In 1990, Bryan Geyer made a good faith effort for better compatibility by adopting the Arca-Swiss plate style and dimensions. At the time, Arca-Swiss was one of the most popular photography ball head and plate manufacturers, so the term "Arca" was widely used to describe the style of plate that had a dovetail running on each side. A basic way to describe the "Arca" style would be that "Arca" can mean any dovetail rail that appears similar; however, the critical dimensions can be significantly imprecise.

Over time, our customers were getting more and more frustrated that several non-RRS plates did no work well with our patented and popular lever-release (LR) clamps.

We analyzed a collection of plates from various manufacturers and found many inconsistencies, as there was no industry standard for a dovetail rail. We reached out to those companies and began to work with whomever was willing to cooperate to adopt a common dovetail standard. In conjunction, we standardized our dovetail drawings so that any manufacturer could understand them.


A customer will know the products they are considering will be compatible with RRS gear if the manufacturer indicates their products adhere to the "RRS Dovetail Standard" on their website, product manuals, or on the product themselves. Conforming to this standard helps other manufacturers ensure compatibility across the industry, with an additional benefit being fewer customers returning products for incompatibility issues.

Recently, we had a precision gauge made for our RRS standard. This is available for compaines who what to use our standard and to machine their own rails confidently. We have it available to them at cost.

If a 3rd party dovetail is manufactured over spec and is used with a non-ARC SOAR clamp, most of the time it will not shut. The new ARC clamps allow for adjustable tension, increasing compatibility across these rails.

If excess force is used, it could break the clamp. If the customer is using original LR clamps, the springs can become deformed resulting in the clamp sliding over time. If the plate is under spec it will slide freely.

Our clamps are a friction locking system meant to help get in and out of position quickly, while efficiently changing positions, so there could be some movement depending on a variety of external forces. Knowing that, we incorporated small threaded sockets where you can install safety stops on all RRS plates.

Currently, we publish the RRS Dovetail Standard as an open and free standard.



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We have three different series of tripods in our carbon fiber line consisting of a number of different models. The carbon fiber line includes our lightest, most portable options with the series 1 up to our most rigid series 3 tripods.

When learning about our tripods it's important to know:

- The middle letter refers to the apex style

- The first number depicts the series of the tripod

- The second number refers to how many sections or extensions each leg has in total

Typically, the more extensions you have, the more collapsed a tripod can be when traveling in stored positions. All our tripods have the built-in ability to change the leg angles and be positioned from ground level all the way to standing with our pull tab technology




Designed for users when mobility is of the utmost importance. The apex was designed specifically for the taper of the Anvil-30 ARC ball head to wedge into the apex. This allows the leg sections to collapse on themselves becoming the most portable of the 2 and 3 series.


One of the most packable options that has an industry standard 3/8"x16 male stude, allowing for the use of most ball heads, gimbals, and other common attachments.


Larger in diameter than the fixed apex, they allow for the center platform to be moved and substituted for a leveling base, quick column, or the apex adapter.




TFCT-14L / $1,475

TFCT-24L / $1,470

TFCT-34L / $1580


TVC-33 / $1,025

TVC-22i / $920

TFCT-34L / $1580


ASCEND-14L / $1,645

TFCT-24L / $1,470

TFCT-34L / $1580


TFCT-14L / $1,475

TFCT-24L / $1,470

TFCT-34L / $1580


  • One of the lightest and most compact tripods in the RRS line
  • Ideal for observation devices
  • Features an integrated ball head with a dedicated pan and 90° tilt
  • Lever operated quick release system securly clapms on to 1.5" RRS standard dovetails
  • Comes with adaptable center column
  • Anvil-30 ARC Compabitble


  • Folded Length: 21.1"
  • Min Height: 5.1"
  • Max Height: 68.9"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 3.4"
  • Weight: 3.38lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 30lbs
  • MSRP: $1,645


  • Lightest and most compact TFCT tripod in the RRS SOAR line
  • Ideal for mountain hunts and long expeditions
  • For users who value weight over stability
  • Features our patented dual clamp for both Picatinny and Arca-style rails
  • Accomodates four angle stop positions
  • Ascend center column compatible


  • Folded Length: 22"
  • Min Height: 6.0"
  • Max Height: 59.4"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 3.88"
  • Weight: 3.51lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 20lbs
  • MSRP: $1,475


  • The most well balanced TFCT tripod in the RRS SOAR line
  • For users who need increased stability without the added weight
  • Compact footprint
  • Popular for dual use; for the hunter that also enjoys long range days
  • Used primarily by light weight enthusiasts who often find themselves in the standing position with straight eye piece optics
  • Fits comfortably in most side pockets of popular hunting packs


  • Folded Length: 25.9"
  • Min Height: 6.6"
  • Max Height: 68.9"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 3.8"
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 40lbs
  • MSRP: $1,470


  • Reduced twist locks means this tripod is more stable and quicker to deploy
  • Increased folded length makes this tripod slightly more difficult to pack
  • The most stable TFCT tripod
  • Popular with competition shooters with minimal long movement requirements


  • Folded Length: 28"
  • Min Height: 7"
  • Max Height: 60.9"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 4.1"
  • Weight: 4.66lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 50lbs
  • MSRP: $1,465


  • The most robust TFCT tripod in the RRS SOAR line
  • For users who want the most stable platform
  • Tapered apex makes this tripod easily packable
  • Popular with military, competitive shooters, and those that like to spend all day at the range
  • Ideal for those shooting or operating in steep terrain or unknown environments
  • Capable of supporting non-traditional shooting positions


  • Folded Length: 26.6"
  • Min Height: 6.7"
  • Max Height: 71.1"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 4.1"
  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 50lbs
  • MSRP: $1,580


  • The first inverted tripod in the RRS SOAR line
  • Inverted design makes the 22i more rigid than any other 2 or 3 series tripod
  • Most popular with competition shooters and hunters who need a rapid deploying tripod
  • Price point makes the 22i a great introductory tripod
  • Compatible with the Anvil-30 ARC +2 Series Platform Adapter


  • Folded Length: 38.2"
  • Min Height: 5.5"
  • Max Height: 64.3"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 5.4"
  • Weight: 4.3lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 60lbs
  • MSRP: $920


  • The RRS flagship and longest running tripod
  • The most versatile tripod in the RRS SOAR line
  • For users who need a stable platform with the option to change between a bal head and leveling base
  • Ideal for users who plan on being more stationary than mobile
  • Compatible with the full line of RRS heads


  • Folded Length: 25.6" | 23.9"
  • Min Height: 4.3" | 4"
  • Max Height: 58.2" | 68.4"
  • Collapsed Diameter: 4.1" | 5.7"
  • Weight: 3.7lbs | 4.55lbs
  • Worst Case Load Capacity: 50lbs | 45lbs
  • MSRP: $1,025 - $1,160


Ball heads get their name from visually being able to see a ball mechanism inside of the head. Most ball heads have a ball housing on the bottom of the product with a clamp attached on the top of the next protruding from the ball. These typically give the most freedom of movement in relation to angular adjustment, cant, and panning options. Most of our ball heads also have a pre-tension know to minimize the freedom of the ball when unlocked

Compact shooting ball head that was engineered and designed from the ground up for precision shooters. This ball head is easy to use and locks your sights on target.

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The RRS flagship ball head now equipped with the SC-ARC R-Lock™ clamp. This is the biggest, baddest, most well rounded head on the market. Ideal for users who need to do a little bit of everything while supporting a heavy load.

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The little brother to the BH-55, the BH-40 is now equipped with the SC-ARC R-Lock™ clamp. This is a lighter ball head with similar features as the BH-55. Popular for light weight enthusiasts and hunters who need the advantages of a traditional ball head.

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Micro ball head with screw know clamp is the perfect compact ball head to add to your MPR rail, or mount directly to your spotting scope. This little ball head can support more than you think.

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The most popular leveling bases in SOAR are the TA-3-LC (HK) and the TA-2U-SC. Leveling bases are a simple, one-touch manipulation to move the head. They have less articulation than most ball heads but are able to pan freely and have enchanced lockup. The series 3 version fits into our 75mm Versa apex, lowering its center of gravity. The 2 series universal can fit into our 2 series Versa apex or can be cha

Compact shooting ball head that was engineered and designed from the ground up for precision shooters. This ball head is easy to use and locks your sights on target.

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Micro ball head with screw know clamp is the perfect compact ball head to add to your MPR rail, or mount directly to your spotting scope. This little ball head can support more than you think.

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Converts Harris-S (swivel) model bipods into ARMS-17s compatible bases. Removing the factory hardward and installing the HBA allows users to install one of our many ARMS-17s compatible dual clamps. Available alone, with the BTC-Pro, or SC-ARC

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A screw knob stule clamp designed to directly thread onto the "No Clamp" versions of ARMS-17s compatible Thunderbeast, B&T Atlas, and Magpul bipods.

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Featuring R-Lock™, this clamp easily attaches to RRS-compatible dovetails and sections of Picatinny. Designed so users can attach directly to any ARMS-17s compatible bipods or any application requiring the ARMS-17s platform. This clamp can now be added to any of our RRS ball heads.

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The USR features a modular slotted mounting system, offering a wide range of compatibility across multiple types of devices and mounting systems. The USR comes in four different hardware mounting options to cover the majority of rifle mounting needs.

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Attachments are needed for your rifle, optics, cameras, and any product you intend to put on a tripod. We strive to make plates custom fit with anti-twist properties for all the most common accessories. If we do not have a specific plate for your item, often we have an option that will fit.

We also make items that fit a multitude of products if you don't wish to outfit every item you own with an independent plate. Our multi-purpose plates come in a variety of sizes with removable screws along a varied length channel, or our VYCE equipment support mount.

Dual Observation mount with FAS clamp, BC-18 Micro Ball Head, & 180mm MPR rail

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Compact lever release panning clamp

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Spotting scope plate with 1/4" x 20 mounting screw

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Aluminum binocular mount

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Equipment support mount with quick release plate

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Product manuals are now exclusively online. They feature interactive functions and allow users to view the entire line of RRS products.