Why a Blog?

Posted by SOAR on 28th Jun 2022

Amidst these difficult constraints we have been strategizing on how we can improve on the areas we can control. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to improve the supply chain climate within our country. But one thing we did identified is increasing our communication to our customers and followers.

Previously, our only forms of communication were to those who had an existing backorder or those who had subscribed to the email newsletter. We realized that we were missing a large portion of those that follow us but didn’t fall into those two categories. Our SOAR Blog is how we will be able to communicate to those that are curious.

We understand that some of you have felt abandoned, left in the dark, and unsure about what is happening to our beloved company. Many have asked if we are going out of business or if we will ever have products in stock again. Our hopes are that with the new and improved website and this blog that we can alleviate these valid concerns.

What you can expect from the blog:

This will now be the main avenue where you will see all updates with RRS. Some of these include production improvements like new machinery or technological advancements. How we are leasing more warehouse space to expand production, increased assembly staff and training, and the product journey from raw materials to finished goods. We will express what being Made in the USA truly means and some of the challenges it imposes on production. We will go into detail about how some of our processes and machinery works to give a better idea of what is truly happening.

All of this is our attempt to keep you up to date and informed. We want everyone to truly understand who we are as a company and why we have been facing such difficulties.